Body & Mind Awareness

Listening to the body and understanding compulsive thinking

Our mind loves to keep busy, producing one thought after the other. Non-stop.
A fair part of this thinking is re-thinking, confirming and re-confirming what we already thought of before.

It often gets translated into a sense of certainty, being in control, or the ability to predict the outcome of situations we find ourselves in.
But all this thought-up-certainty and control can also limit us in seeing new options or possibilities.

Je pense, donc je suis – René Descartes

There was a time when ‘thinking’ was considered one as of the senses, like seeing or hearing. Today – more than ever – we construct our identity mainly from our thoughts.

And, it’s not only about what we think, but even more about how we think, as this is mainly defined by our different experiences and environments.

Our thoughts influence the way we feel and behave.
“Why do I think in this way?” is just one question to start understanding how we construct our thoughts.

Mind awareness is a first step to seeing the mind for what it (only) is.

Sense – Allow – Trust

As much as our mind influences our body, also our body influences our mind.
Just think about your posture when you’re under stress, or about your thoughts when you’re in the company of somebody you like a lot.

“How am I feeling?” and “What am I sensing?” are questions we can answer only when we bring our focus to our body.
This is an invitation to start exploring our body.

Not only is our body like an antenna that picks up information from our surroundings, it also holds an enormous amount of creativity and wisdom that can bring us closer to our core and facilitate acceptance an abundance in our life.

By adding bodywork to our daily life, we can enhance our body awareness and re-balance our body and mind.

Would you like to experience this?