#1 Focus

How can I use my focus to enhance my mind and body awareness?

Discover the benefits of slowing down and exploring the different processes that occur in your mind and body.

Observe and experience the effects of thoughts, emotions and sensations while moving to music.
Find out what happens when you gradually shift your focus from your surroundings towards the inside of your body.
What is influencing/informing you?

For example,

When you walk into a room full of new people, where does your focus go?
• What thoughts or feelings are coming up?
• What are the sensations in your body?
• What is the effect of all this information on my movement?

For this Self-Experiment we will play with inner and outer focus.

  • In a first stage,
    We will bring our attention to what is happening around us – Outer Focus.
    What information is available?
    How do I interact in this field of information?
    What effect does this information have on my movement?
  • In a second stage,
    We will bring that attention to what is happening inside our body – Inner Focus.
    What do I sense?
    What information is there now?
    What effect does this inner focus have on my movement?

SE#1 Focus is a dynamic mediation and a playful inquiry into the connection between body and mind.