Awareness brings Responsibility, a mission.

We don’t want to commit.
Yet we want others to deliver.

We do not want to spend money, we want everything for free.
Yet we expect quality.

We will spend 10€ on a cinema ticket and another 10€ on popcorn and coca-cola for 90 minutes of faerie tale or violent entertainment.
We buy 10 t-shirts for 1€ at Primark, without considering if that is even possible.

We live in the outside world constantly looking for our next high, consuming whatever comes our way.
While we further disconnect from our inside, away from what we need to make us grateful and fulfilled.

We are not committed to love ourselves, or to truly care for ourselves.
We put ourselves in constant comparison with the next person, even when that is a complete stranger, who is more beautiful, more successful or for that matter: less beautiful and less successful.

We are strangers to ourselves.
We no longer think for ourselves, we think for others: what he might think, what she might like and, who the fuck does he think he is?

Scared not to belong, not to be seen.
Scared of what we might find when we stop consuming.
Ashamed of what we might feel, ashamed of what we secretly long for.
We are body-disconnected.

We refuse to spend one cent or one minute of our precious time to go on a journey to learn more about ourSelf.
Not because we can’t afford it, but because we are afraid, and thus, any excuse will do.

Awareness brings responsibility.

I will create a time and space where we can slow down.
Where it is safe to be afraid.
Where we are seen.
Where we can explore and expand.

Where we become love.