What happens when we observe and accept?
And, what happens next?

Many of us have attended workshops in the past. So have I – and I still do – yet, in most of those workshops there is a goal to achieve or a new thing to understand.

Unfortunately, that model fits perfectly in our nowadays society where we should be competitive, know everything, be better then, etc.
The constant comparing-to-others has brought us in a situation of continues thinking, re-thinking and planning. A situation where it’s very difficult to lower our guard and relax in our bodies.

I created the Self-Experiments because I strongly believe that we are enough, we don’t need to be in a constant competition with ourselves and others!
It’s extremely important for our well-being to give ourselves the gift of slowing down, breathing consciously and (re-)discovering the unique balance of our system (body and mind).

A Self-Experiment is not a workshop as there is no work to be done.
We start from the idea that we are already complete.
There is nothing to change, nothing to fix, nothing to achieve.
Everything we need is already in us.

For every Self-Experiment we create our own specific laboratory – a place and time – in which it is safe to explore.
In that laboratory we have the opportunity to observe and accept whatever is there and to be curious about the undiscovered territories.

Experience a practice of slowing down, intrinsic movement and acceptance, and expand your body and mind awareness.

Take a look at the 5 upcoming Self-Experiments designed to spark your curiosity into


Wake up!